LOA: 23'-4" (7.11 m)
DWL: 19'-7" (5.97 m)
Beam: 8'-6" (2.59 m)
Draft (Keel): 14 1/2" (368 mm)
Displacement: 5,000 lbs. (2268 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 90 gals. (341 L)
Deadrise: 16 degrees
Freeboard (Fwd): 43" (1092 mm)
Freeboard (Aft): 28" (711 mm)
Power: 260 hp Inboard
Construction: Cored GRP

23' Inboard Center Console

A number of years back, I found myself between jobs and contemplating trying to start my own design business. In the boat business, designers are never unemployed, they are actually "consultants." I didn't have many potential customers, but I did have some free time on my hands which led to this design. The idea was to come up with a design that was unique while still being conservative. It would also have to be practical to build in a production environment. I would then have something interesting to show any potential clients I might be able to drum up. If you look closely at the images, you'll see the 23' I.B. Center Console predates my use of CAD. She was drawn the old fashioned way, with a pencil, curves and splines!

As it turned out, I never got around to finishing the design. While I was working on it, I called Sport-Craft Boats in Perry, Florida to see if they might need someone to design for them. This led to an invitation to visit their plant. To make a long story short, after showing them this design and offering some advice on their stringer systems, I was offered the job of Director of Engineering. This also included running the tooling department as well as quality control. Over time, my responsibilities grew to include lamination, OSHA, EPA and even advertising photographer. I am amazed I found any time to design anything at all during this period!

23' Inboard Center Console Profile The 23' I.B. Center Console is a relatively simple boat. Her hull is a conventional modified-V with a fine entry flattening to about 16 degrees at the transom. She has relatively wide chines that are angled down at about 5 degrees to help throw spray down and out. Back aft, her 16" diameter propeller rides in a shallow tunnel which keeps her draft under 26" at the prop. It also helps make it easier to load her onto a trailer.

Her layout is also pretty straightforward with a raised casting platform forward featuring two large fish boxes. Just aft of the casting platform are two more storage lockers in the cockpit sole. The console is somewhat unique in that it incorporated a pop-up electronics box similar to those on the large Carolina sport fisherman. Although they normally use an electric powered lift, this one was designed to use gas struts in order to keep the costs down. I believe I may have been ahead of my time in 1994 as a short time later I saw a similar design on a new Grady-White center console! 23' Inboard Center Console Arrangement The console tilts forward to allow access to the engine. Aft of the console are a couple more hatches to give access to the propeller alley and the steering gear.

Her construction was planned with production in mind. Her hull, deck, console and hatches would be molded in traditional female molds. Her laminate schedule calls for a cored hull which allows larger spans between the stringers, thus making room for larger fuel tanks. Her stringers would be foam cored hat sections or maybe a molded grillage system.

Over all, I think the 23' I.B. Center Console could still be built and marketed successfully by a small builder. I envision her with outboard power instead of the inboard, a solid hull bottom and generally simple construction. She would look gorgeous with teak covering boards, teak rod racks and maybe a little more teak on her console. I know teak is considered old fashioned and high-maintenance these days, but white poly-plastic just doesn't leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy!