BNT Marine Craft

BNT Marine Craft marries the Italian boat building heritage of its founders with the craftsmanship of its Indian workers. Their modern/classic designs up to 20 meters utilize the latest in wood/epoxy construction technology. Indian Mahogany, specially milled to their specifications, is the core construction material. Its mechanical properties, density and beauty are a perfect match for their wood/epoxy construction techniques.

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In cold molded construction, the wood is sealed with epoxy resin that is soaked into every pore. The wood is further reinforced and sealed using high tech fabrics from the aerospace industry such as carbon fiber, Kevlar® and hybrids. This method allows BNT Marine Craft to build a monolithic structure that is not only strong, but much lighter than other construction methods. Cold molding technology combined with skilled labor gives BNT Marine Craft the ability to build custom boats and yachts to a very high standard, vessels of uncommon beauty that will last for generations.

BNT Marine Craft is able to build 100% custom vessels of any design without using expensive molds, making them much more affordable. BNT Marine Craft also specializes in refitting and restoring vintage boats. If you decide you would rather have your Smith Marine Design plan professionally built, please consider BNT Marine Craft.

BNT Marine Craft

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