LOA: 20'-2" (6.15m)
DWL: 16'-6" (5.03m)
Beam: 7'-6" (2.29m)
Draft (Keel): 11" (279 mm)
Displacement: 2,300 lbs. (1,043 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 50 gals. (189 L)
Deadrise: 15 Degrees
Freeboard (Fwd): 39" (991 mm)
Freeboard (Aft): 26" (660 mm)
Power: 70-115 hp Outboard
Construction: Foam Cored GRP

Finesse 20

When I set out to design the Finesse 20, my goal was to design a small sportfishing boat that was the antithesis of the small, production boats I had been designing over the last few years. By and large, these boats were all heavy and loaded down with "features," most of which will probably never be used. Does a 20' center console really need to weigh in excess of 3500 pounds? Do you really need 3-4 fishboxes on a small boat? Is a baitwell essential or will a simple floating bait bucket suffice?

The Finesse 20 features a large, open cockpit that should accommodate a couple of anglers with ease. An elevated casting platform forward features storage under. Just forward of the console is another under deck storage area. The console is simple and straightforward with room for full instrumentation. The top of the console is large enough to mount a depth sounder, compass and GPS. The pedestal seats shown could be replaced by a cooler seat or a leaning post. Just aft of the seats is another storage area for the battery and oil tank. The bilge pump is aft under a deck plate. More storage is outboard of the motor in the stern. Image of Finesse 20 Profile The hull design is a simple modified vee. The beam was kept a relatively narrow 7 1/2 ft. to promote efficient planing. Many new production boats are as much as a foot wider and generally are not very efficient boats to operate. The fine entry (45 degrees at station 1) flattens to 15 degrees at the transom. The chine flats are wide and angled down for good stability and a dry ride.

The hull is cored with either Corecell™ or Airex foam®. The cockpit sole is cored with balsa. The stringers (one per side) are 1/2" plywood encapsulated in glass. The transom is cored with 1 1/2" of plywood. Coring the stringers and transom with foam would save 100 pounds or so, but would add hundreds of dollars to the construction costs. The small weight penalty of the plywood is more than offset by its low cost and stiffness. That being said, if a customer should want an all glass boat, I'd be happy to oblige.
Image of Finesse 20 Deck Arrangement The easy planing hull shape and lightweight construction should make the Finesse 20 a very efficient fishing boat. While most 20' boats are powered by 150-200 hp; the Finesse 20 should run 38-40 mph with only 90 hp. Due to her low weight and easily driven hull, fuel economy should be excellent. The recommended power range is 70-100 hp.

The Finesse 20 was not designed for first-time builders, but for experienced amateurs or the small professional shop. The plan set is not very large and does not include patterns. This design may need to be lofted.

Study plans are available below as downloadable PDF files. These can be opened with any PDF reader, most people already have the free Adobe Reader installed. Please remember that these plans are the property of Smith Marine Design and should not be used for any purpose without my written consent.

Profile and Arrangement
Laminate Section

If you have any questions about the Finesse 20 or any of my other designs, please don't hesitate to contact me.