Smith Marine Design


Below are links to the various stock plans I have available. Most of my designs are available with full size patterns, those that don't use detailed drawings to give the same information. If you are located outside of the USA, the plans are available in Metric as well.

A few of the designs are also available as frame kits. The kits are cut out on a Computer Numerically Controlled router by one of the largest kit suppliers in the world, accurate to within tiny fractions of an inch. While more expensive up front, these kits get you building much quicker and without the anxiety of accurately cutting all those frames.

All of my boats are designed to meet current ABYC and US Coast Guard standards. I try to keep abreast of any changes in the regulations and update the plans accordingly. I also update the plans based on input from the builders, thus insuring the plans improve over time. I do not currently design to meet ISO standards, although I believe my designs will mostly meet these rules as they are very similar to ABYC standards. The largest area of difference is that ISO has a standard for structures which we do not have here in the US. I can only say that my structures are very conservative and I would be surprised if they didn't meet ISO standards.

Crystal 16 Flats Skiff: A strip plank composite micro skiff.

Osprey 18' Flats Skiff: A micro skiff for fishing the flats.

Kitty Hawk 18: A cold molded, Carolina-style center console.

Kitty Hawk 23: A cold molded, Carolina-style center console.

Kitty Hawk 26: A cold molded, Carolina-style center console.

Finesse 20' Center Console: An efficient, outboard-powered, foam cored center console for inshore fishing.

Finesse 27' Center Console: An inboard-powered center console for fishing further offshore.

Absecon 21: A strip plank composite offshore center console

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my designs.