Smith Marine Design


On this page you will find links to photo galleries of boats under construction. These photos have mostly been taken by the builders and are used here with their gracious permission. I will update this page as I get new photo's of the boats. So, if you are building one of my designs, get the camera out and send me some pictures!

Absecon 21

Justin Ballotte in Ridgefield, Connecticut: Updated 11/01/19

Crystal 16

Jim Boothe in Carmel, Indiana: Launched! 3/15/2013

Shawn Ragsdale in Houston, Texas: Updated 5/20/16

Simon Hedditch in Scamander, Tasmania, Australia: Updated 2/20/19

Shane Campbell in Savannah, Georgia: Launched! Updated 2/20/19

Osprey 18

Dajuane Thomas in Orlando, Florida: Updated 7/8/14

Luke Walker in Southport, Florida: Launched! Updated 5/22/17

Josh Casart in Sarasota, Florida: Updated 9/9/16

Michael and John Thompson in Glennville, Georgia: Launched! Updated 3/1/18

Beebe Boatworks in Charleston, SC: Updated 12/10/16

Patrick Conrey in Clearwater, FL: Updated 9/7/16

Ed Altonji in Charlotte, North Carolina: Updated 3/1/18

Jeremiah Kuntz in Austin, Texas: Updated 3/1/18

Kitty Hawk 18

Ben Mitchell in San Francisco, California: Launched! 8/10/2014

Mike Pyne in Virginia: Updated 2/24/16

Don Aguanno in Ira, Michigan: Updated 2/20/19

Kitty Hawk 23

BNT Marine Craft in Puducherry, India: Launched! Updated 3/1/18

Kitty Hawk 26

John Coniglio in Palm Bay, Florida: Updated 2/10/17

Guy Shepardson in Pulaski, Wisconsin: Updated 3/1/18

Dennis Freeland in Wagener, SC: Updated 2/20/19

Howard Williams in Wales, UK: Updated 2/20/19